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“Glass and Glass Again” Corporate Social Responsibility Project

​​​​​​We have been carrying out our “Glass and Glass Again” project since 2011, in cooperation with our various stakeholders. Our project aims to support the transition to a recycling society by effecting social behavioral change. Glass and Glass Again has three main objectives:

  • Raising public awareness on glass packaging recycling
  • Developing the infrastructure for the collection of glass packaging waste
  • Modernizing the facilities where glass packaging waste is collected and processed, and separating glass packaging waste from household waste before landfilling

Since the launch of this initiative, more than 250,000 primary school students have received instruction on recycling, more than 20,000 glass collection containers have been made available to municipalities, and 1,562,000 tons of glass waste have been recycled. This effort has prevented greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to eliminating 562,239 passenger vehicles from traveling 10,000 kilometers. Energy savings from recycling has amounted to the equivalent of meeting the heating and hot water needs of 65,595 homes for a year. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by an amount equivalent to having 48,220,678 trees clean the air for a year.

Our Glass and Glass Again initiative aims to raise awareness about glass recycling by using the power of social media. Social media access and interaction related to the project grow further each day. Events held throughout the year were also broadcast live on our social media accounts, where the importance of recycling, information on glass use, and recycling gains were shared. Our social media accounts, which draw attention to glass recycling, reach an average audience of 4.5 million persons each month. “Glass and Glass Again” has 186,000 followers on Facebook and 32,000 followers on Instagram as of 2020. Thanks to the interaction of our “Glass and Glass Again” project with wide target audiences via our social media accounts, we help raise awareness about the preservation of glass as a cultural heritage.