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Corporate Collaborations And Memberships

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How We Manage

At Şişecam, we Transform Life through collaborations with all our stakeholders in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pursuant to our sustainability strategy, we adopt a multi-stakeholder, comprehensive and participatory approach. We focus on developing collaborations where we can add value, and create value with our many corporate memberships.

Şişecam is a member of the International Commission on Glass (ICG), which connects academics conducting research on glass with companies operating in this field. Şişecam is the first company sponsoring ICG studies on common problems and developments in the glass industry, in line with ICG's 2030 targets.

We aim to further expand our collaborations and partnerships that serve SDG 17 (Partnerships for Goals) by 2030.


  • UN Global Compact
  • Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)
  • Celsian Glass Solar (Glass Trend Council)
  • Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (DGG)
  • European Society for Glass Science and Technology (ESG)
  • Glass Alliance Europe (GAE)
  • International Commission on Glass (ICG)
  • European Domestic Glass (EDG)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Corporate Governance Association of Türkiye (TKYD)
  • Investor Relations Association (TÜYİD)
  • International Partnership for Glass Research (IPGR)

Please click here to check all our corporate collaborations and memberships.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our current corporate memberships and cooperation projects during the year of activity are communicated to our stakeholders every year in our Sustainability Report.​​​​​​​​