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Next-Generation Talent

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How We Manage

We conduct our global recruitment processes with independent, fair, and equitable evaluations based on the prospective employee's eligibility for the job. With this goal in mind, we support young talent in their employment and preparation for the business world with our Together and First Step internship programs.

Together Young Talent Program and First Step Summer Internship Program ensure that Şişecam interns have the opportunity to develop themselves with supportive trainings and start their careers with a solid foundation, while working as interns at our headquarters, R&D center, or plant facilities.

We aim to include many more new generation talent in our company by 2030.


  • Long-term internship opportunity for fourth year, master's and doctoral students with the Together Young Talent Program
  • Summer internship opportunity for third and fourth year university students with First Step Summer Internship Program

Monitoring and Reporting

Trainings provided to employees and stakeholders within Şişecam, employee turnover rate, and programs developed to improve this rate are communicated every year in our Sustainability Report.

Relevant key indicators: (GRI 401 – GRI 404)

  • Number of New Recruits
  • Number of Resigned Employees
  • Employee Trainings Provided at Şişecam Academy (person*hour)
  • Budget Spent for Employee Training (TRY) (External / internal training)
  • Dealer/Subcontractor Trainings (person*hour)
  • Number of Employees Provided with Regular Performance Evaluation Feedback​

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