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Carbon Emissions

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How W​e Manage

The climate crisis caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has become an unfortunate fact of our lives. This crisis is growing increasingly serious and threatens all living creatures on our planet. For this reason, climate change must be combated by the business community, as well as the world's governments. Şişecam closely monitors the effects of climate change and assumes its responsibilities for our shared future. At Şişecam, we are working on carbon reduction under the Şişecam Climate Change Mitigation Model, created as one of the critical steps of our vision to Protect the Planet. In line with our 2050 vision of Carbon Neutral, we are committed to using innovative production technologies and creating climate-friendly products and solutions.

In line with our vision of being Carbon Neutral by 2050, we have started to set science-based targets.


  • Monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions in production
  • Reducing carbon footprint in production with energy efficiency projects
  • Reducing carbon footprint in products and production with mathematical modeling
  • Reducing carbon footprint in production and logistics by lightweighting our glass products 
  • Developing scenario analyzes and business models for climate change
  • Reducing energy and process-related emissions via glass cullet recovery
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • Science-Based Targets studies
  • Internal/external capacity building

Monitoring and Reporting

Scope 1 and 2 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are monitored in all Şişecam production activities and are declared annually in our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Report and Sustainability Report. Preparations are ongoing for the reporting and monitoring of Scope 3 emissions, which represent indirect emissions

Relevant key indicators: (GRI 302 – GRI 305)

  • Energy Consumption Amount (GJ)
  • Energy Savings Amount (GJ)
  • Scope 1 CO2 Emissions Amount (tons)
  • Scope 2 CO2 Emissions Amount (tons)
  • Greenhouse Gas Savings Amount (tons, CO2)
  • CO2 Concentration in Glass Production (tons, CO2/net production)​