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Information Security

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How We Manage

At Şişecam, we have obtained 11 ISO 27001 certificates for the Information Security Management System covering our company and production areas. Our activities related to Information Security include training, auditing, risk identification, corrective actions, follow-up of findings, identification of targets and opportunities, follow-up of violation incidents, and updating of relevant legislative documents.

Widespread adoption of remote work during the pandemic period has resulted in the proliferation of internet-based security problems. Şişecam ensures data and information security by generating new approaches and solutions. Our company holds monthly meetings where risks and issues are evaluated by the Cyber Security Committee, which consists of our senior executives.


  • Continuously improving the Information Security Management System
  • Providing all employees with Information Management Training in an interactive and entertaining way
  • Holding monthly Cyber Security Committee meetings to evaluate risks and other issues
  • Providing all employees with awareness trainings on ISO 27001 information security standards
  • Personal Data Protection Committee

Monitoring and Reporting

The total hours of information security training provided to Şişecam employees are communicated to our stakeholders every year in our Sustainability Report. ​​​​