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What Is Sustainability at Şişecam?

Şişecam is an organization that creates impact and value on a global scale with its sustainability vision, a value model aiming to Protect the Planet and Empower Society, and solutions and products that Transform Life.

We see sustainability as the focal point of our operations and a core component of our business model. We plan and realize all our investment decisions and product and process development activities by considering social and environmental impacts. We aim to expand our sustainability vision to include all our stakeholders in every aspect of our value chain – from raw material supply to post-consumer recovery.

With our sustainability strategy, we assess our risks related to the basic processes that affect our business with a holistic risk approach. Integrated into the general business strategy of our company, this approach relies on creating permanent value, protecting natural resources, investing in people, and keeping pace with technological innovations.

What Is Our Approach?

Care for Next is Şişecam's Sustainability Strategy. Under this strategic approach, we are committed to taking responsibility boldly, without leaving anyone behind, for all our stakeholders in our entire value chain. Our aim is to achieve strong global transformation goals that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In line with the priority targets set under the GRI methodology, we track our progress every year, report it transparently, and take steps as needed accordingly.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Şişecam adopts corporate sustainability as the basis of its way of doing business in creating value for all its stakeholders. Our corporate sustainability strategy is designed in an integrated manner, on the axes of “Protect, Empower and Transform,” which reflect the sustainability priorities of our company and align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We match our best practices with SDGs, monitoring our contribution towards goals with solid practices, and support awareness raising for sustainable development in all areas.


We PROTECT the Planet

At Şişecam, we aim to minimize our impact on the natural environment, reduce waste, and use resources efficiently under "Protect the Planet," one of the three main axis of our sustainability strategy Care for Next. Accordingly, we focus on energy consumption, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water management, and use of renewable energy.

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We EMPOWER Society

At Şişecam, we are committed to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders, including local residents and communities in our fields of activity, our colleagues, business partners, customers and consumers, and suppliers, on the axis of "Empower Society." Driven by the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022, which promotes glass as a material adds value to the development of civilizations and human life from past to present, we continue to disseminate glass culture on a global scale. We execute our corporate social responsibility activities supporting our Care for Next vision by focusing on “Gender Equality,” “Education,” and “Environment.”

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We support our Sustainability Journey 2030 with our more integrated, more digitalized, more optimized and with operational excellence approach. We continue to Transform Life with our products and solutions that Protect the Planet and Empower Society.

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The projects we have launched to support our sustainability strategy are complementary elements of our 2030 goals:


The projects we have launched to support our sustainability strategy are complementary elements of our 2030 goals: