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Glass Heritage

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How We Manage

We are working hard on our journey with the vision of carrying glass heritage to future generations. We organize International Glass Symposiums for a sustainable future. To preserve the history of glass - our corporate heritage - we launched the Glass Art Museum both at Şişecam headquarters and on our digital platform, taking visitors on a historical journey with archaeological and ethnographic glass collections.

We are aware that, in Turkey, Şişecam is a long-established representative of glass. This remarkable material reflects the culture of all regions where it is used. In addition, glass is one of the healthiest materials in the world. We aim to further expand glass culture on a global scale by 2030.

You can visit our Glass Art Collection at www.sisecamcameserleri.com


  • United Nations International Year of Glass 2022
  • Glass Art Museum
  • Glass and Glass Again
  • Increasing the number of glass workshops
  • Organizing international events that present glass and art together
  • Developing information platforms for disadvantaged groups

Monitoring and Reporting

Collections, museums and events supported by Şişecam to preserve glass culture are communicated to our stakeholders every year in our Sustainability Report.​​​

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