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Sustainability Governance at Şişecam

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Among the factors that have supported our success from past to present are the development of social awareness, accurate analysis of customer and investor expectations, and taking timely actions. As a multinational company operating in different business lines, we adopt a sustainable management model in which not only economic values but also environmental and social values are elements of the decision-making mechanism. In 2021, our management practice, which we carry out with a multi-layered and participatory structure, has been strengthened by our long-term goals, and duties and responsibilities that have become widespread in our entire organizational structure.​​

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Şişecam Chairman and Executive Member of the Board


Board Member Board Member



Şişecam CEO


Chief Research, Development and Quality Officer Chief Human Resources Officer Chief Supply Chain Officer Chief Production Officer Chief Information Officer Chief Sales Officer Chief Financial Officer

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Board of Directors Sustainability Committee

Under the current sustainability governance model applied in our organization, sustainability is overseen by the highest management body. The Board of Directors Sustainability Committee was established with this perspective and has been operating at a Board of Directors level and under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Şişecam. The Board of Directors Sustainability Committee carries out tasks to ensure the full integration of sustainability into Şişecam’s structure, determines sustainability-related policies and ensures coordination in sustainability. The Committee ensures that the CareforNext Sustainability Strategy is internalized, monitored and managed by all business units and at all levels, both horizontally and vertically, that the sustainability strategy is owned by the highest ranked authorities and that activities in support of sustainability are guaranteed by top management.

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Sustainability Executive Committee

Within this structure, the Sustainability Executive Committee continues to work under The Board of Directors Sustainability Committee, providing reflecting strategic guidance to of the Board of Directors Sustainability Committee and the action plans in activities carried out under the sustainability program. The Sustainability Executive Committee is chaired by the Şişecam CEO and comprises the Executive Board Members. The Committee carries out various tasks, including creating a sustainability vision and strategy, identifying priority sustainability-related issues, ensuring communication with internal and external stakeholders, and monitoring the progress and performance of the working groups egarding the defined targets.​

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Working Groups

In 2022, Sustainability Working Groups were established under the Sustainability Executive Committee with the participation of managers in all our functional areas. The Working Groups are engaged in activities under the three defined themes of “Protect the Planet”, “Empower Society” and “Transform Life”, as the three main pillars of the CareforNext Strategy. They also carry out studies for the achievement of the sustainability goals and the objectives under these activities; identify needs and areas in need of development in this regard; and report periodically on the outputs of their work to the Sustainability Executive Committee. Throughout this workflow, the CareforNext Sustainability Strategy is supported at all levels, the necessary actions for the achievement of the 2030 targets are added to the score cards of our senior managers in all areas, a sustainability scorecard is created for the entire group and our sustainability performance is closely monitored for continuous improvement.