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Sustainable SOLUTIONS

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Aware Collection

We give priority to sustainability and environmental awareness. As a result, we use recyclable production techniques in production.

With the Paşabahçe Aware Collection, inspired by the turquoise waters of the Bosphorus, we have produced the world's first glassware containing 100% recycled glass. Thanks to the energy efficiency achieved by using 100% recycled glass, natural gas consumption per gross glass (ton) of the project was reduced by 39%. Our Aware Collection is having a worldwide impact, after being introduced to our customers in 49 countries.​

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Low-E Glass Products

At Şişecam, we carried out projects with R&TDD in 2020, aiming to develop innovative and value-added products that provide solutions meeting the expectations of the industry. We enriched our range with products offering solutions to different types of customer expectations.

"Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass Neutral 63/29" product was developed in triple-silver product groups with the highest selectivity and maximum thermal insulation for the architectural glass industry.

“Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass Neutral 70/40 and Neutral 70/37” products were developed for residences, homes, villas, and retail stores, where transparency and low reflection are of prime importance along with maximum heat insulation and solar control.

In addition to “Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass Neutral 51/28” with effective heat insulation, optimum daylight transmission, and maximum solar control, “Şişecam Solar Low-E Glass Neutral 62/44” and “Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Our Glass Neutral 43/28” were developed and introduced to our customers and business partners. We contribute to the energy industry with our internally developed anti-reflective coating solution for use in solar mirrors and solar panels for CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) systems.​

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Antimicrobial V-Block Coating Technology

In 2021, we continued to develop innovative and value-added products that meet consumer needs by using technology effectively. Our world's first antimicrobial coated glassware products with V-Block Technology have received great attention and acclaim globally. This special formula, which provides 24/7 ultra-hygiene, has been approved by authorized laboratories and the Turkish Ministry of Health to be 94.1% effective against Covid-19. With products introduced in 63 countries, Şişecam's antimicrobial V-Block project was developed to accelerate post-pandemic normalization in the fight against Covid-19. As a result, we have contributed significantly to exports, and thus to the national economy.

At the 2021 Sustainable Business Awards held by the Sustainability Academy, Şişecam was granted an award in the "Sustainable Innovation Product" category with our world's first antimicrobial coated glassware products with V-Block Technology.​

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Glass for Photovoltaics

Our Glass for Photovoltaics is low iron, tempered frosted glass produced for use in solar panels. It is one of the most important components in module production, which protects the inner parts of solar panels from environmental conditions. This specially designed glass directly affects the efficiency of solar panels with its high light transmission performance. Our Glass for Photovoltaics features a lower iron oxide ratio and higher light transmittance than normal ferrous glass.

Our Glass for Photovoltaics, produced in "Sandy" and "Prism" patterns, provides maximum efficiency in the performance of solar panels with its high light transmission and low reflectivity. It reduces the reflection on the glass surface with its patterned structure. With special anti-reflective (AR) coating on glass surfaces, light reflection can be minimized. The AR coating increases light transmittance of the glass by about 2%, resulting in higher performance and higher efficiency in solar panels.

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Ligh​ter Glass Packaging

At Şişecam, we offer lightweight glass packaging solutions, targeting the use of less raw materials and less energy in our glass packaging designs. We have modified our design and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 14% in one single bottle type.

Insulation Material for Wind Turbines and Automotive Industry: Glass Fiber

Since 1975, Şişecam has been the first and only Turkish producer of glass fiber, one of the basic inputs of the composite industry. At Şişecam, we provide the wind turbine blades, automotive interior and exterior parts, engineering plastics, maritime, industrial applications and construction industries with felt, multi-ended roving, single-ended roving, and clipping products – the basic inputs of the composite industry. Advanced research studies developing Young's high modulus (>85 GPa) glass fiber (R-Glass) for use in wind turbine blades are ongoing with a focus on producing high modulus fiber glass with Şişecam's original patent.

Şişecam conducts its glass fiber production at TSE ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 quality standards in domestic and foreign markets. Our company's glass fiber production has been accredited by international quality organizations, such as Lloyd, ACS, RJS, TZW, and DNV GL.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally sensitive products designed by the famous designer Tulya Madra, the founder of Santimetre Studio, using completely natural materials, meet with customers at Paşabahçe Stores.

Designed as a blend of the past and modernism, the porcelain coffee pots with olive tree branches are available in different color options. In addition, the glass collection, inspired by 19th century Beykoz glasses, reflects naturalness with its natural colors.​​

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