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How We Manage

Growing energy consumption poses a serious problem for both our environment and life on our planet, due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Şişecam established the Energy Monitoring System in order to monitor and improve energy efficiency in the fight against climate change. We aim to minimize energy consumption with our operational improvements and efficiency improvement efforts. We consider it our primary responsibility to leave a livable planet to future generations by minimizing our impact on nature.

Accordingly, Şişecam aims to expand its renewable energy installed capacity for self-consumption by 8 fold to 53 MW by 2030.


  • Switching to hybrid furnaces in all suitable furnaces
  • Reducing energy consumption in cooling tunnels
  • Switching to pre-heating systems
  • Implementing energy efficiency projects identified by energy audits
  • Developing energy efficiency initiatives in buildings
  • Assessing renewable energy use potential (green electricity tariff) in existing and new facilities
  • Assessing renewable energy production potential in existing and new facilities

Monitoring and Reporting

Efforts related to energy consumption and savings are monitored in all Şişecam production activities and declared annually in our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Report and Sustainability Report.

Relevant key indicators: (GRI 302)

  • Energy Consumption Amount (GJ)
  • Energy Savings Amount (GJ)​​