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Green Supply Chain Management

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How We Manage

Green supply chain management, which integrates traditional methods with sustainable environmental methods, has become a key solution for the protection of a world and future threatened by climate change.

Şişecam adopts a green supply chain management approach for a sustainable environment and acts accordingly across its entire value chain, including production, supply chain, material selection, and waste management. Localization, diversification, and proximity to the source of suppliers are critical for flexible and uninterrupted supply chain management. At Şişecam, we produce sustainable solutions so that our value chain can operate continuously and efficiently.


  • Supplier Capacity Building program
  • Supplier Sustainability training
  • Conducting sustainability audits in the supply chain
  • Supplier self-assessment questionnaire
  • Developing incentives and rewards for suppliers
  • Ensuring compliance of Şişecam suppliers with the Code of Conduct in employment contracts

Monitoring and Reporting

Our sustainability performance in our value chain – including the number of Şişecam suppliers, our local supply ratio and our suppliers' compliance with Şişecam Supplier's Code of Conduct – is communicated every year in our CDP Report and Sustainability Report.

Relevant key indicators:

  • Number of Active Suppliers
  • Number of Local Suppliers
  • Percentage of Local Procurement in Total Procurement Budget (%)
  • Total amount of supplied raw materials (tons)
  • Total amount of locally supplied raw materials (tons)
  • Percentage of locally supplied raw materials (%)
  • Number of suppliers that meet the Supplier Behavior Criteria
  • Actions taken under the CDP Supply Chain Program ​

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