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Digital Transformation

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How We Manage

Our company merged under One Şişecam and focused on the goals of further integration and digitalization. We regularly monitor developments and launch digital transformation practices in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency and performance levels. As part of our digital transformation strategy, we are carrying out  SAP's three largest digitalization projects globally, in which our digital infrastructure is integrated into our global operations to cover the entire ecosystem.

In 2020, we launched a pioneering practice as Turkey's first company to carry out foreign trade transactions using Blockchain technology. Work is underway to develop digital transformation platforms under the Roots and Wings Transformation Expansion Program.

At Şişecam, we aim to create a digital working environment, digitalize all corporate operations, and make decisions based on data analytics by 2030.


  • Business Continuity plan
  • Procurement Digital Transformation Program
  • Blockchain foreign trade transaction
  • 'One Şişecam' SAP transformation
  • 'Roots and Wings' digital transformation project
  • Digital Transformation School
  • Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Serverless Infrastructure
  • Digital Twins in Manufacturing

Monitoring and Reporting

Information about Şişecam's digital transformation is communicated to our stakeholders every year in our Sustainability Report. ​​​