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Our Core Sustainability Policies

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Another complementary element of Şişecam's sustainability strategies is our company's policies that govern its activities with a sustainability perspective and include its commitments. The core sustainability policies of our company and their scope are stated below:​​​​

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

    In this policy, Şişecam announces the definitions of related concepts, the scope of anti-bribery and anti-corruption processes, governance, and sanctions.​​

  • Anti-Retaliation Policy

    Recognizing that it is essential for the victims and witnesses of the victimization to file necessary reports without any concerns in order to ensure compliance with Şişecam Group's Code of Business Ethics, Şişecam undertakes that employees and those who report to the Ethics Committee and/or the Ethics Hotline will not be subject under any circumstances to discrimination or sanctions such as negative performance evaluation.​​

  • Compensation Policy

    In this policy, Şişecam declares that it acts in compliance with relevant laws and contractual terms.​​

  • Disclosure Policy

    In this policy, Şişecam manages the processes of timely and transparent sharing of information and explanations that need to be communicated to its stakeholders. Şişecam also sets out its investor relations processes, relations with the media and methods of ensuring the confidentiality of private information prior to public disclosure.​​​

  • Diversity and Inclusion Principles

    These principles include Şişecam's commitments related to equal opportunities in employment, inclusive corporate culture, and extension of inclusion to its business partners.​​

  • Donation Policy

    This policy has been established in line with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Markets Law, Capital Markets Board's Communiqué, Resolutions and other regulations, and the company's Articles of Association.​​

  • Environment and Energy Policy

    This policy states that Şişecam considers the efficient use of natural resources and energy efficiency in all of its business processes and operations. In this policy, Şişecam commits to complying with legal, regulatory and other requirements, continuously improving its performance, periodically reviewing its goals and objectives, and raising awareness by ensuring that the policy is understood by stakeholders.​​​

  • Human Resources Policy

    Şişecam Group aims to implement a human resources policy that targets sustainable success globally, spreads its innovative and learning corporate culture, implements the best human resources practices in its business areas, and adds value to all its stakeholders.​​

  • Information Security Management Policy

    In its Information Security Management Policy, Şişecam declares that its activities comply with the Information Security Management System Standard and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Şişecam also commits to continuous improvement, development and awareness-raising in this area.​​

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    In this policy, Şişecam commits to taking necessary steps to minimize accidents and occupational diseases, spreading an occupational safety culture, and adopting a proactive approach.​​​

  • Profit Distribution Policy

    Şişecam’s Profit Distribution Policy has been determined in compliance with the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Markets Board Law, Tax Laws and other legislation the company is subject to as well as the provisions of its articles.​​

  • Quality Policy

    ​In its Quality Policy, Şişecam commits to being transparent, acting in compliance with national and international standards, proactively managing risks and opportunities, adhering to the principle of sustainable resource management, and creating a healthy and safe working environment.​​

  • Şişecam Code of Ethics

    ​Şişecam defines its core ethical principles and explains the principles it follows in its relations with employees and stakeholders. Şişecam also states the ethical principles it follows in asset and information management and prevention of conflicts of interest.​​

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Şişecam sets out its expectations from its suppliers. These expectations include: Compliance with Laws, Anti-Bribery, Compliance with Competition Law, Protection of Personal Data, Transparency and Conflicts of Interest, International Commercial Regulations, Universal Human Rights and Working Conditions, Gifts, Protection of the Environment, Accurate Book- and Record-keeping, and Audit and Remedial Actions.​​

  • Wages Policy of The Senior Executive

    In this policy, Şişecam defines the methodology used in the remuneration of senior executives with the principle of transparency.​​

  • Waste and Circular Economy Policy

    This policy relies on the proactive prevention of waste at the source before they are generated, reduction of any generated waste, consideration of recycling and recovery alternatives, and industrial symbiosis opportunities if reduction is not possible. This approach has started to be reinforced with the true cost of waste model and is aimed to be applied to all business processes.​​