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Employee Rights

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How We Manage

We care about the protection of employee rights. In addition, the efforts of our employees do not go unrewarded. At Şişecam, we grant our employees with market-compliant rights as per our Compensation Policy. We provide a range of benefits, such as performance-based remuneration, salary increases, bonuses, and promotions, in a balanced way. We aim to ensure the happiness of our employees by guaranteeing that their competence and performance do not go unrewarded. We offe​r our employees annual total income packages as specified in our policy, customized flexible benefits packages, and annual leave periods that exceed legal leave requirements. We value the social life of our employees and provide flexible working hours to help them maintain their work-life balance.


  • Remuneration and benefits as per the Compensation Policy
  • Flexible working hours

Monitoring and Reporting

All information related to employee rights is communicated to our employees.​