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Environmental Compliance

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How We Manage

At Şişecam, we introduced tracking and monitoring systems via digital platforms in 2020 to comply with applicable environmental legislation quickly and effectively. We conduct all our operations in accordance with environmental laws, rules, and other requirements. We support follow-up of environmental compliance requirements with internal audits and include them in investment plans. This effort aims to identify and reflect these developments throughout our value chain. Consequently, we have included 30 main and 49 detailed project investments in our 2021 capital investment program, allocating a budget of TRY 13 million for environmental investments. We support our specially-designed processes to evaluate environmental aspects with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. We operate in accordance with the relevant regulation on environmental management services under the coordination of the Şişecam Environmental Management Unit.


  • Integrated waste management
  • Source-based online waste monitoring
  • Identifying circular economy and savings opportunities
  • Initiatives and projects for glass recycling 
  • Reducing waste generation at the source
  • Ensuring recycling and/or recovery of waste
  • Development of industrial synergy
  • Prioritizing needs by actual waste cost
  • Planning and implementation based on life cycle analysis
  • Acting with the awareness of producer responsibilities together with suppliers

Monitoring and Reporting

Information on natural resource consumption and waste generation, which form the basis of environmental performance of our production activities, are monitored periodically using online systems. Projects and studies related to circular economy and efficiency practices are centrally monitored and reported. Digitization of waste and field management is aimed under integrated waste management.

Relevant key indicators: (GRI 306 – GRI 305)

  • Percentage of recycled glass used in production (%)
  • Amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (tons)
  • Packaging waste (tons)
  • Packaging Waste Recovery Rate (%)
  • Amount of Recycled/Recovered Raw Material Consumed (tons)
  • NOx (kg) and SOx emissions (kg)​​