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Employee Training

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How We Manage

At Şişecam, we adopt an objective, systematic and development-oriented approach in our human resources processes. For this purpose, Şişecam Academy offers technical and professional, personal, corporate and leadership-oriented development opportunities to our employees, both internally and externally. We support our employees with talent management programs, while also closely monitoring their career and performance development.

Şişecam Performance Development System aims to have our corporate goals translated into individual goals and to create a sense of common goals across the company. We combine all our training and development activities under the Individual Development Plan.

On our journey with the vision of Empowering Society, we aim to provide 47 hours of functional and personal competency training per person per year by 2030, increase employee engagement, and manage talent from within the organization.


  • Sales, Marketing, Glass Technology, Supply Chain, Finance and Leadership Schools for Employees
  • Global Talent Management: Journey
  • Employee Performance Development System
  • Employee Support (24/7) program
  • Flexible Benefits system
  • Practice Certificate in Glass Program

Monitoring and Reporting

Trainings provided to employees and stakeholders within Şişecam, employee turnover rate, and programs developed to improve this rate are communicated every year in our Sustainability Report.

Relevant key indicators: (GRI 401 – GRI 404)

  • Number of New Recruits
  • Number of Resigned Employees
  • Employee Trainings Provided at Şişecam Academy (person*hour)
  • Budget Spent for Employee Training (TRY) (External / internal training)
  • Dealer/Subcontractor Trainings (person*hour)
  • Number of Employees Provided with Regular Performance Evaluation Feedback​​

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