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Sustainable Products

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How We Manage

As part of our Care for Next sustainability strategy, we Transform Life with our sustainable products. With our 39 patented products to date, we are committed to making a difference with our sustainability approach.

We continue to introduce numerous innovations, including the Paşabahçe Aware Collection, inspired by the turquoise waters of the Bosphorus and made from 100% recycled glass, and antimicrobial glassware produced using V-Block technology. <

In line with our sustainability approach, we aim to initiate eco-labeling, boost the share of sustainable products in our turnover, and multiply our solutions and products that transform life by 2030.


  • Low-e glass
  • Lighter glass
  • 100% recycled glass
  • V-Block coated glass
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Eco-labeling
  • Solar panels
  • Glass fiber as input for wind turbines and automotive insulation material

Monitoring and Reporting

Our sustainable products and development efforts are communicated to our stakeholders every year in our Sustainability Report.

Relevant key indicators:

  • Percentage of sustainability projects in the R&D budget​