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Equal Opportunities And Diversity

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How We Manage

Equality and diversity in the working environment are integral parts of the corporate culture at Şişecam, which sets out its related goals with the vision of “Empower Society.” We also care about equality and diversity in our value chain. Launched in 2018 as part of "Equal Employment Opportunities," our Women-Friendly Plant initiative aims to remove barriers to women's participation in work due to gender inequality by establishing cooperation with universities and professional organizations. In 2021, Şişecam recorded a female employment rate of 22%. The same year, the Women Expression program was launched. Under this program, female managers selected from Şişecam talent pools support other female employees as mentors on key topics, such as strategic and global perspective, and leadership competency. At Şişecam, we conduct our operations based on the competencies of our employees, not their gender.

We aim to boost Group-wide female employment to 25% by 2030, implement the Women Expression program, and create a multinational working environment.


  • Woman-friendly plant standard
  • Equal Opportunities at Work activities
  • Women Expression program
  • Various trainings on equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Bloomberg Gender Equality Index
  • Creating a multinational working environment

Monitoring and Reporting

At Şişecam, in line with our principle of equality, diversity, and inclusion, employment data by age, contract type, gender, and category as well as related projects and practices carried out to boost this rate are reported every year.

Relevant key indicators: (GRI 401 – GRI 405)

  • Total Workforce (by Contract type, Category, Employment type, Education level, Age group, Employee seniority, and Gender)
  • Number of Subcontracted Employees (by employment type and gender)
  • Number of employees eligible for parental leave
  • Number of employees returning to work from parental leave
  • Rate of return to work from parental leave
  • Retention rate one year after returning from parental leave
  • Number of Disabled Employees
  • Number of discrimination cases during the year​​